Xbox One S Unboxing (Xbox Slim & Size Comparsions) and What’s new



  • 40% smaller than Original Xbox One
  • It support HDR (High Dynamic Range) Gaming, little better graphics improvement.
  • No 4K gaming, but it can upscale games to 4K.
  • Xbox One S has HDMI 2.0a which supports 4K video output at 60Hz. And it has 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player.
  • IR blaster to configure the Xbox One S to control and turn on other devices, like TVs, cable boxes and other devices.
  • Increased range controller and has textured grip on handles, it also adds Bluetooth for seamless Windows 10 gaming.
  • Physical buttons, much better than the touch buttons, and some other changes.
  • Power supply is now inside the console, no need to carry a huge box around with the console.
  • Sadly, Microsoft removed the dedicated port for the Kinect!

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